VaultCraft Partner Program

Build automated DeFi strategies, earn oVCX rewards and kickbacks.


We are rewarding partners with up to 300,000 oVCX tokens for developing automated DeFi strategies with VaultCraft and supporting the co-marketing of the joint products in their respective communities.


VaultCraft's Partnership Program is aimed at protocols and key community members who want to build and promote their vaults while supporting VaultCraft. We work closely with our partners to integrate and form mutually beneficial relationships that add value to both parties.

If interested in this program, please fill out the Form, select which program you are applying for, and we will be in touch with you soon.

Partner Tiers



oVCX Rewards*


$20K - $100k



$101k - $500k



$501k - $750k



$751k - $1m





*oVCX rewards are denominated in quantity, not correlated to any specific fiat currency.

  • How do I know when my vault(s) are eligible to be in a Tier?

    • Vault(s) are considered eligible for rewards after a 30 day average TVL is calculated to be within the range of the Tiers listed above.

  • Will I receive the oVCX rewards in bulk when hitting certain tiers?

    • No, in order to prevent nefarious activity oVCX rewards will be distributed throughout a 6 month span from the time of eligibility. If for any reason TVL drops or increases equal to a different tier we will analyze the best reward route to ensure a fair reward compensation.

  • What if my TVL changes tier levels during the 30-day calculation?

    • Here is a practical example:

      • For the first 30 days, the partner's TVL deposit is $90K, enabling them to receive a 10k oVCX reward. Ten days later, the TVL is worth $200K bringing them to tier 2 and stays within the same range for the next 20 days of the second month. The time-weighted TVL for this 30-day timeframe would be $130K, making them eligible for Tier 2, which is a 150k oVCX reward.

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