🍿Voting Power

A governance token

Participating in VaultCraftDAO governance on snapshot requires that an account have a balance of VCX.

VCX Utility

  • Governance voting: Vote on governance proposals such as listing new gauges, changing protocol parameters, and approving budgets.

  • Gauge weights voting: Vote on how gauge rewards are distributed across different gauges.

  • Boost gauge rewards: Hold veVCX to boost your Sweet Vault yield earned from gauges.

  • Receive bribes for voting: Get rewarded for voting on certain gauges.

  • Receive protocol revenue: Earn a share of the protocol’s revenue (TBD)

Provide liquidity for veVCX

Users must provide liquidity in the Balancer 80VCX-20WETH pool for veVCX. This is a non-standard ERC20 implementation of each account’s voting power. One 80VCX-20WETH LP locked for 4 years provides an initial balance of one veVCX.

veVCX=bptamountβˆ—daysLocked/1460veVCX = bpt amount * daysLocked / 1460

For example

  • 1 LP with 1-year lock = 0.25 veVCX

  • 1 LP with 2-year lock = 0.5 veVCX

  • 2 LP with 1 year lock = 0.5 veVCX

Lock duration veVCX exchange value is subject to change.

Boost your oVCX rewards by holding veVCX:

Farmers who provide liquidity to Smart Vaults will boost their oVCX rewards depending on their veVCX balance. This encourages farmers to also be token holders and provide liquidity for the token, which further disincentivizes farming-and-dumping.

Please check our Boosting docs for more details.


There are two options for unlocking locked veVCX:

  1. waiting until your vote lock expires and unlocking penalty-free

  2. unlock veVCX with a 25% penalty. Penalties are redistributed back to the protocol admin in the form of 80VCX-20WETH LP tokens. VaultCraftDAO can vote on whether the LP tokens are burned or redistributed back to veVCX holders.

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