VaultCraft SDK enables instant yield optimization on any asset


Our SDK provides everything an integration partner would need to display, interact and manage vaults. The SDK is split into three parts:

1. Vault

Provides all necessary functions to view and interact with any vault in our system in a seamless fashion.

  • Deposit/Withdraw

  • Zap from any chain (coming soon)

  • view APY and deposits

  • Manage your fees

2. YieldOptions

This can be used to display supported assets, protocols,and corresponding APY’s. This data can be used to compare potential yield sources or recommend the best farms for each asset of a user's portfolio.

3. Factory

Our last class makes it super easy to create any kind of vault. Experienced users can simply see configuration options and receive recommended values while beginners can get a whole vault constructed with merely a click.

At this moment VaultCraft fully supports over 1,000 assets across 30 protocols and we continuously add new assets, protocols and networks.

Coming Soon

Rebalancing Vaults

Vaults that support a multitude of strategies and protocols that can automatically rebalance funds to adapt to rate changes on the underlying strategies. Once created a user can decide which strategies and assets can be used. The vault then rebalances funds and strategies for the highest current yield. For example, rebalancing can be set up conservatively to profit on rate differences between Compound, Aave and Morpho OR include a massive amount of different protocols depending on the users risk appetite.


Allow anyone to deploy tranches for our vaults. With tranches, users can choose to limit their upside for each vault but protect their principle and get a fixed yield rate (senior tranche). Alternatively a user can choose the junior tranche to earn more yield but also take on more risk.

Risk Score, Monitoring and Insurance

To make vaults even safer we plan to develop a risk score for assets, protocols and strategies to accurately describe risk for depositors. Additionally we are working on an automated system to detect hacks and unusual behavior which can be used to automatically pause vaults that might be affected. Lastly we are reviewing multiple insurance protocols to provide our users with additional safety and peace of mind.

Smart Contracts

Each asset strategy contains two types of contracts:


A simple ERC-4626 implementation that allows the creator to add various types of fees and interact with other protocols via any ERC-4626 compliant Adapter. Fees and Adapter can be changed by the creator after a ragequit period.


An immutable contract that wraps existing yield opportunities and can be enhanced with arbitrary modules to perform various tasks from compounding, leveraging, or simply forwarding rewards.

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