🔥Treasury Burn

Treasury VCX burn to match oVCX redemptions

VaultCraftDAO will burn treasury VCX 1:1 each time oVCX is redeemed for VCX

  • Approximately 100M oVCX will be distributed through gauge rewards

  • Emissions of 2M oVCX per epoch for 13 epochs, followed by a decay rate of ~2.71%

  • ~10%+ deflationary effect over the first 4 years assuming 100% oVCX redemption

oVCX emissions

For the first 13 epochs, 2,000,000 oVCX will be emitted through gauges. After this period, the amount of oVCX emitted per epoch will decrease by ~2.71% relative to the previous period.

lastRate∗1.0271e18/1e18lastRate * 1.0271e18 / 1e18

E.g., 2M… 2.M, 1.947M, 1.895M, 1.845M…

oVCX emissions will continue into perpetuity, depleting nearly the entire 100M budget within the first 10 years. VaultCraftDAO governance can vote to modify this system in the future.

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