Increase veVCX to boost arbitrage with oVCX

VCX LP holders that lock their LP tokens on app.vaultcraft.io/boost can boost the amount of oVCX rewards they receive from gauges by increasing the size of their LP positions. This means liquidity providers would need to increase the size of their position in the Balancer pool. The weight of a liquidity a provider is determined using the following formula:

Max boost is 5X with this formula, which makes holding veVCX much more attractive and should theoretically increase the LP holder rate.

w is the weight,

l is the liquidity provided by LP L is the total liquidity of the pool, v is the amount of vetokens the LP has, V is the total vetoken supply.

Staking weight is relative as other stakers can also stake in the same gauge, meaning the amount of boost you receive depends not only on your veVCX balance but on the balance of others as well.

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