Deploy automated DeFi yield strategies & optimize with VaultCraft's perp call options. Censorship-resistant & user-friendly.

VaultCraft is a permissionless DeFi infrastructure for deploying custom yield strategies on any EVM chain within a few clicks. VCX holders, or the VaultCraftDAO, are responsible for all of VaultCraft's software development.

  • Optimize your yield with Smart Vaults

  • Integrate and deploy custom DeFi strategies with our SDK

  • Zap and deposit from any chain in 1 click

  • Earn call options (oVCX) with VaultCraft's flagship products

  • Multiply your oVCX rewards by locking your VCX liquidity

  • XP points for users interacting with VaultCraft's smart conrracts

VaultCraft makes it simple for you to:

  • Deposit your crypto

  • Optimize your yield using ANY ASSET ON ANY EVM CHAIN

  • Customize your own yield optimization strategies

Yield your way!

DeFi just got way easier with VaultCraft, your no-code DeFi toolkit for building, deploying, and monetizing automated yield strategies in just a few clicks. Forget spending months of r&d, capital, and human resources when you can launch your own crypto fund with VaultCraft on any evm-chain. From wallet providers to custodians to your sophisticated DeFi degen, VaultCraft supercharges your crypto assets by enabling instant, cross-chain vault strategies that you can deploy in 1 minute. Now anyone can build their own bank with VaultCraft.

VaultCraft is an on-chain, permissionless protocol where anyone can spin up a vault — an automated asset strategy that optimizes returns on user-deposited funds. This is the first open infrastructure allowing for the modularization of vaults using a protocol-endorsed VaultFactory that ensures the safety of the strategy and its contracts. Vaults can interact with a variety of protocols through the ERC4626-Wrapper and are also stackable in design, meaning you can stack on top of other vaults.

VaultCraft creates economic opportunity

VaultCraft smart contracts allow users to customize and generate yield on their crypto assets through the automation of yield-generating strategies. The automation of common yield-generating functions via vaults such as claiming, staking, compounding, re-supplying, leveraging, and swapping of cryptocurrencies means that users:

  1. Save time

  2. Pay less in transaction fees

  3. Generate yield on their crypto holdings with little overhead or knowledge

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