🪄VaultCraft Interface (VCI)

Use the VaultCraft Interface (VCI) to customize your own vault

How do I create a Vault?

Below are the steps for creating a non-custodial, permissionless vault strategy on-chain using app.vaultcraft.io.

  1. Select an asset ETH, USDT, DAI, etc.

  2. Select a VaultCraftDAO-endorsed DeFi protocol

  3. Select a strategy (compounding, leveraging, trading)

  4. Configure your fees (performance, management, deposit, withdrawal)

  5. Configure deposit limits (min, max)

Step 1 - Select an Asset

Step 2 - Select a VaultCraft-endorsed protocol

Step 3 - Select a strategy

Step 4 - Configure your fees

Step 5 - Configure deposit limits fees

Step 6 - Review

Step 7 - Launch vault on-chain

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