🧠Smart Vaults

Turbocharged, automated DeFi yield products that additionally earn oVCX, or rights to exercise for a 25% discount on VCX

First, what is a Vault?

A vault is a smart contract that pools and routes user funds via preprogrammed strategies designed to maximize returns on deposited assets. Vaults are automated and save on gas fees, making them particularly useful for the smaller liquidity provider. Vaults were created as a response to yield farming and liquidity mining that made searching for the highest yield much more complex than just switching between different lending protocols. DeFi vaults are not necessarily yield farming strategies. The underlying strategy may vary, but the principle remains the same.

What is a Smart Vault?

Smart Vaults (formerly Sweet Vaults) are self-custodial, permissionless, and automated asset strategies that generate yield on single-asset crypto deposits.

Smart Vault Fees

  • Deposit: 0%

  • Withdrawal: 0%

  • Performance: 10%

  • Management: 0%

Arbitrage your rewards

veVCX holders can boost the amount of oVCX rewards they receive from Smart Vault gauges. Read Boosting under Tokenomics to learn how to boost.

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