DeFi automation made simple with perpetual call options

VaultCraft's DeFi products make it simple for anyone to deploy automated yield strategies AND optimize yield on their crypto assets within a few clicks. All flagship Smart Vaults earn oVCX, perpetual call options, weekly in Smart Vault gauges. Use VaultCraft to:

  • ZAP any asset on any chain into Smart Vaults

  • EARN risk-adjusted yield on your crypto assets

  • BOOST AND ARB with oVCX rewards

  • CUSTOMIZE and deploy your own vault strategy

  • INTEGRATE the VaultCraft SDK

  • TRACK your positions and performance

VaultCraft vaults are

  • On-chain

  • Permissionless

  • Non-Custodial

  • Audited by Paladin, Code4rena, BlockSec, Zokyo, and over 200 White Hats

  • Bounties live with Immunefi for 3 years.

VaultCraft V1.5 - May 2024

VaultCraft V1.5 has made things significantly more affordable, simpler, and more capital-efficient. Here's what we've introduced:

  • XP points

  • Multichain Gauges

  • Leverage Farming with Money Markets

  • Multi-strategy Smart Vaults

  • Vaultron Optimizer

  • Multizaps

  • Smart Vault Pages

You can read about the release on https://medium.com/vaultcraft

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